Slide presentations in reStructuredText -> S5 -> PDF

16 03 2010

Let’s say you want to create a slide presentation and you are not very much into presentation software.

S5 is a good enough HTML based alternative for a slideshow presentation. reStructuredText and rst2s5 can free you from writing HTML yourself…

S5 can generate a "printer-friendly" version of your slides. But I was really missing a way to create a PDF version of my slides to ease its distribution. I finally found a tool that could handle that Prince.

Example (slides.rst):

.. include:: <s5defs.txt>

reStructuredText to PDF

in 2 easy steps

:Author: Eduardo Schettino

(1) rst2s5

rst => s5


  rst2s5 --theme=small-white slides.rst slides.html

(2) prince

s5 => PDF


  prince --media projection -s page.css slides.html -o slides.pdf

Where page.css controls the PDF page size:

@page { size: 1280px 800px }


  • Prince is not OpenSource though it provides a free license for non-commercial user.
  • Page footer is displayed only on first page.
  • Some CSS tweaking might be necessary depending on your theme.