Slide presentations in reStructuredText -> S5 -> PDF

16 03 2010

Let’s say you want to create a slide presentation and you are not very much into presentation software.

S5 is a good enough HTML based alternative for a slideshow presentation. reStructuredText and rst2s5 can free you from writing HTML yourself…

S5 can generate a "printer-friendly" version of your slides. But I was really missing a way to create a PDF version of my slides to ease its distribution. I finally found a tool that could handle that Prince.

Example (slides.rst):

.. include:: <s5defs.txt>

reStructuredText to PDF

in 2 easy steps

:Author: Eduardo Schettino

(1) rst2s5

rst => s5


  rst2s5 --theme=small-white slides.rst slides.html

(2) prince

s5 => PDF


  prince --media projection -s page.css slides.html -o slides.pdf

Where page.css controls the PDF page size:

@page { size: 1280px 800px }


  • Prince is not OpenSource though it provides a free license for non-commercial user.
  • Page footer is displayed only on first page.
  • Some CSS tweaking might be necessary depending on your theme.



One response

8 05 2013
Roland Whitehead

If you use markdown and Pandoc to create your S5 presentation, you must remove the XHTML details in the tag and the first line for Prince to work correctly.

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