running selenium tests from the command line

12 01 2008

I wrote a tutorial on how to run selenium tests from the command line. it is very handy you plan to include it on your continuous integration process.


selenium is great tool for writing tests to web applications. and with Selenium IDE, it is a breeze to write tests. here i will describe how to run your selenium tests from the command line (instead of manually starting the server, opening a browser, selecting the test file…). if you dont use selenium yet you should take a look at it first.

i will not go over the advantages over having regression tests… but to be effective it should be easy to run the tests. it is very boring to manually run the tests, so once in a while when i decide to run it i found out that some regression bugs appeared, and they were not easy to spot because they might got into the code a while ago. even worse is when somebody else on team introduced the bug ;)

complete article



2 responses

22 04 2009

hI, the link has gone…..
it was just getting interesting :-)
pls find it!!!

3 10 2013

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