firefox profiles & batch friendly options

10 01 2008

on my previous post i showed how to avoid gui windows popping up on your screen. now i am gonna show how to configure firefox to be less interactive (you dont want it to be interactive when you are executing background tasks.)

first you need to create a new profile. see how to manage profiles. you need a different profile so it wont mess with your default profile, and will allow two independent instances of firefox.

in order to have two simultaneous windows with two different profiles you need to run it using the following command line:

$ firefox -no-remote -P testProfile

if you dont give the -no-remote optional parameter it will ignore the profile parameter and will open a new tab on the currentelly open firefox (if you have one already open).

now that you have a new profile and know how to start it, you just need to configure some options to disable confirmation dialogs.

1) On the menu go to: Tools->Options…->Security->Warning Messages->Settings. Disable everything.

2) one very useful feature that you dont want in your test profile is crash recovery(or session restore). to get rid of it type ‘about:config’ on the location bar (a.k.a. where you type the url). set browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash to false.

thats all. on the next post we will get some real action…



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